Dream Tim

The 3rd game of Lovbl Games. I was responsible for Art direction, animations, user interface and story line.

Dream Tim is available in the App Store

As Tim falls deeper into his dream it’s your job to help him rescue the love of his life. Use swipe gestures to destroy upcoming obstacles and kill all the enemies that try to stop you from fulfilling your quest


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Failiens is the second game i worked on for Lovbl Games. I was responsible for art direction, user interface, graphics, animations and story line

PLOT:On your way to deliver a special Failiens cargo your spaceship crashes on an alien planet!Help our hero rescue all of the lost Failiens!


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Feed The Rat

Feed The Rat is the first game i ever made. I made the graphics, user interface, story line, animation and sound effects.

When hunger strikes what does a rat do? He orders some cheese from his favourite place 5 second cheese delivery of course.

Your job is to deliver the cheese, but be careful you only have 5 seconds to get the job done, or else the order will be free and you lose the game.


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