about and contact

Hi there!
My name is Calin, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator with an obsession for psychedelic color schemes, aliens, zombies, monsters and…mice

Hit me up at calinsarbut@gmail.com

I am proud to have worked with the following clients:

Major Malfunction, All Shall Perish, Red Blue Records, Sound we Sleep, For all Eternity, Freshandstable, The Judas Syndrome, Attack Attack, Sirens and Sailors, My Children My Bride, Set your Sights, Periphery, Winds of Plague, Suicide Silence, The word Alive, House vs Hurricane, Second, Suck clothing, PopDeck, DJ Kaskade, DBH, Teextile, Teefury, Dance Gavin Dance, HK Army, Born of Osiris, ShirtFight, Yesterday Rising, Jinsay Skateboards, Repja, Up In Arms, The Ultimate Warrior, Stees, Shirt.woot, Broadway, The city HE loved, Cultured, Something Sacred, New Gotham, Ice Nine Kills, The Venetia Fair


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